A single movie change my life

When I was in high school, I saw a guy and kept looking at him. I don’t know what makes me look at him. I just stop it because he noticed that I kept looking at him for a long time. And believe me he became my classmate. It was the first day of school then and during the introduction of self in front. I got nervous because he is one of the audience. It was his turn and after I heard his name, it never lets go of my mind. It was by chance that we became close to each other. Because he is one of the bully classmate before. I never thought that one day we will become so close. And it was 9 years ago now. Why? Because the guy I’am talking about is now my husband. It’s quite an extraordinary feeling, but what you think the most is what you got. I give you another story, I passed by this five star hotel everyday. Before I go school & as I go home. I kept on looking at the hotel building and wondering what it looks like inside. After I graduated from college, I have a classmate who use to work at the hotel. Without any doubt of me, I asked her for any job vacancy at the hotel. Ding… She said they have a job vacancy. She also said that I can submit my resume & credentials to her. So I came up with my first job after the college graduation. My stories are not by accident, but an example of the law of attraction. “Law of Attraction” is the key ingredients in the movie “The Secret”. We became want we want if we think we can. You just need to “Think, Imagine & Focus” and you will have it. So, start applying the “Law of Attraction” in your daily life now and see it yourself.