An abundant Life

My previous post talks about the movie “The Secret” and how to apply it in your life. And I believe one day, that all the aspects in my life will become abundantly blessed; (Financially, Emotionally, psychologically & physically). I don’t know when and how to make it abundantly now. But I believe that there will be a time for it. A time that God set for my abundant life. God time is never late or too early, it is always on the right timing.

But what makes an abundant life from God??? It is the faith that we have according to one of the bible verses. Mark 9:23 “What the mind can conceive, it can be achieved”. This is one of my favorite verses in the bible. Why? Because every time I read it, my faith ultimately strengthens. This bible verse also gave us a hint that the movie “the Secret” & the concept of “Law of Attraction” is not just a fiction but a fact. This serves as an evidence that everyone deserves a life with overflowing & limitless blessing from God.

We should be grateful about it because God spoon-fed to us the answer towards an abundant life. Start applying “Law of attraction” into your life now and be the best person that you can be. Imagine what you can do now and on. Everything will follow. Just believe and it will happen. No one can dance your dance. No one can write your own life stories. Nor can achieve your dreams, but you.

This is the movie: “The Secret”. I shared it to you because I wanted you to live an abundantly with HIM- – Jesus!!!


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