Applying “Law of Attraction” in your Life

Why geniuses and great inventors like Einstein and many others exist in the world? And we are now so grateful for them because they invented something from nothing. How did they do it? And why most of the famous people in the world influence us? Why they become so famous? Why everything happens so good for them?  How about us? Is everything good for us? Because one thing is for sure, they know how to apply the “Law of Attraction” in their life. According to the movie: The Secret, there are 3 steps on applying the Law of Attraction into Life.

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First step is to “Ask for what you want”. Get a piece of paper, write down all you want to achieve in life. Write down everything you want in life just like you are making your “Bucket List”. But make sure that all the things you write down was specific & real to happen so won’t be upset later. Let us proceed with the second step.

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And the second step is to “Believe on the things you want”. You can also cut out pictures of all tangible things you want. Believe that it is already yours by cutting out or printing out an image of what you want. For example, you want a brand new car. Get a magazine and cut out the picture of the car you want. Make a “Dream Board” and post all your wants there. Make it a habit of looking at the cut outs daily and focus all your attention to it.

ThThe_Barney_&_Friends_Gang-_Meet_The_Cast.jpge last step is to “Received the things you want” by imagining the feeling of having it already. Visualizing or Imagining is the most important to all. If you are familiar with the Kiddie Show “Barney”, it will become an easy task for you. As we all know, Barney on that show is a dinosaur from the kids imagination. And all the kids want & wishes come true because they always use their imagination. Same case with applying the law of attraction in our life. We need to imagine like kids. Always remember this, “Law of attraction” is always being obedient to your thoughts. So what the mind can conceive it will be achieved.

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